In this rapidly moving world, companies are handling more projects than before. Owing to this reason, managers are willing to have the best-suiting software to manage, schedule, and organize the details of their certain projects. Primavera and MS projects are well-known software for project management. Companies use this software for project planning, progress updating, reporting, tracking, and execution to mitigate the project's bustles and hustles. Many companies today use one of these software to organize their project with utmost convenience. To excel in project planning you can take Primavera Online Course in Kuwait for better learning of its features. However, there has been an ongoing debate about which software is better. You may think Is Primavera better than MS Project? To answer this question, you first need to understand their differences. Only after that, you can conclude, the better software.

How to differentiate between Primavera and MS Project

Primavera and MS Project are the most widely in use software for scheduling, planning, tracking, and reporting. Their major differences are discussed below in detail;

1. Multiple User Allowance

Primavera allows multiple users to work on a single project and use specific features. Whereas, MS Project doesn’t allow multiple users to work on a single project

2. Third-Party Allowance

In Primavera web, it supports information like the planning and documentation of the project. Also, it enables converting into HTML directly from the software without the help of any third-party software. While MS-project does not provide any such feature to convert data from one format to another directly from the software. Third-party software can be used for this purpose if you are using MS-project software.

3. Multiple Activity Relationships

Primavera can usually establish more than one relationship between activities. You have options like Start-to-Start (SS) and Finish-to-Finish (FF) between the same two activities. In comparison, MS Project can certainly establish only one relationship between two activities.

4. Web Support

Primavera documents, plans, and other project information can be converted to HTML directly from the software. While MS Project does not offer such options.

5. Baselines

In Primavera, users can display and assign unlimited Baselines to a schedule useful for analysis. Whereas, in MS Project, the Baseline limits to 11 for assigning tasks.

6. Hint Help

Primavera offers a Hint Help feature that defines the column's calculations and values whenever the cursor goes on the field. Whereas in MS Project, there is certainly no such feature called Hint Help.

7. Custom Fields

Primavera enables users to build a blank custom field without setting any formulas in the columns. In comparison, MS Project allows the creation of custom fields from various project categories such as tasks, projects, or resources.

8. WBS

In Primavera, the creation of WBS is basically separate from activities. Once WBS has been created, then you can add activities for each element. Whereas, in MS Project, activities are further indented to make them look like a WBS.

9. Issues and Risks

Primavera enables users to record issues and risks. Whereas, MS Project, lacks the feature of tracking project issues and risks.

10. Columns

Primavera offers different useful columns, around 200 that is installed, and each column represents information. It defines each category, such as budgeting, dates, relationships, variances, costs, etc. In comparison, MS Project supports over 500 default columns mainly for resources and tasks.

11. Website Creation

Primavera also supports the feature of creating a website. This project website allows the creation of a website comprising details like project issues, risks, resources, etc. which has been fed as input to the Primavera project management software. Whereas, MS-Project does not offer any feature for creating the project website.


While conclusion, it’s not easy to pick one tool from another, as they both have their own strategies and features. Looking at the project requirements, you should determine which software helps meet the specific project services. However, after analyzing both the project management software, you can conclude that Primavera is best suited for larger projects involving multiple users. Whereas MS-Projects suits best for single projects. You can start learning this project management tool for fast and smooth implementation. After training, you can opt for Primavera Online Certification in Dubai. Certification will assure your capabilities in this domain. Hence, you can build a better future in project management.